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How to Throw the Perfect Late Summer Party

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When the summer heat hits, it’s time to break out the barbecues. There’s no better occasion to have a party than on the weekend. Gather friends and family and prepare for a party to really kick off the coming season in style without breaking the bank.

Get the Home Ready

When hosting a party, you want to ensure that the entire house is spotless to start—yes, even the areas you don’t expect anyone to see. With that in mind, set aside a day or two before the big event to do a deep and thorough cleaning. Of course, you may not have the time or energy to put into 48 hours of scrubbing, so consider outsourcing the help by budgeting for a professional cleaning service.

Prep Your Back Garden

As you and the whole gang will be in the backyard, it makes sense to ensure your lawn is in as pristine condition as the inside. This doesn't have to be elaborate, however, as you could spruce up your space with weather-proof furniture and large umbrellas to protect people from the sun. Likewise, you may need to clean off the barbecue to get it fully ready for grilling. Also, dedicate a part of your budget to hiring a gardener to clean up the yard, so you don’t have to spend hours in the sun replanting and trimming to get everything just right for your barbecue.

Plan Out Your Games and Activities

While a good portion of the day will be spent chatting, cooking, and eating, plan out some games or outdoor activities to fill any lulls in the conversation. As a start, plan for a themed scavenger hunt with a fun prize like a homemade sash or a bottle of alcohol the winner can take home with them. You could even make an obstacle course for a bit of afternoon entertainment before the sun sets. 

For more relaxing options, have decks of cards on hand to play a few rounds in the evening, perhaps after dinner. Similarly, you can invite guests to bring their favorite board games and then break everyone into groups, depending on how many turn up, to have some low-key fun.

Invite Your Guests

You may have a few families in mind to invite to your party, but if you plan to have a big turnout why not invite some old friends as well? It’s easy to find old classmates from high school online. Just enter their name, graduation year, and school into an online search engine and you can get started on reconnecting. You’ll have a blast reliving old memories with old friends.

Best Drinks for All Ages

While there are classics everyone will appreciate, like staple sodas and ice-cold beers, it can be enjoyable to spend time making unique beverages that could turn you into an unforgettable host. To get everyone buzzing, use fresh ingredients perfect for the summer, such as light options like sparkling lime water or deliciously sweet choices like a tropical fruit punch. For the older partygoers, have a blender and plenty of ice to make impromptu margaritas and daiquiris, so even the warmest night is cool. This can also become a potluck by inviting guests to bring a favorite drink or spirit, allowing you to keep costs down, and focus on providing a delicious spread for the whole party to enjoy.

Get Ready to Cook Outdoors

As with the beverages, you want things that are fresh and ripe for summer to throw onto the grill. While burgers are a staple, they can be a little heavy. Instead of using a bread bun, try grilling a slice of pineapple to replace it. This might seem like a strange choice, but it adds sweetness, and the acid from the pineapple can make the meat nice and tender. Choose chicken breasts for barbecue chicken, and avoid the fat that darker meats have. A lime-marinated salmon is a healthy and delicious option anyone will love, especially when paired with a roasted strawberry and mint salad.

Lastly, head to your local store to see what vegetables and fruit are seasonal and inexpensive. As long as it’s relatively firm, it can most likely go on the grill with a little oil and some light seasoning. Finally, don’t forget the guacamole, which you can put together cheaply by finding recipes online.

There is nothing as sweet and delicious, yet healthy, for dessert as some grilled fruit. Like with vegetables, look for fruit that is firm and will hold up to the heat of an open flame. For instance, pineapple, peaches, nectarines, watermelon, and bananas will caramelize nicely. Pair them with whipped cream or frozen yogurt to keep the night from being too hot, or toss them all together for a grilled fruit salad to please even the pickiest eater. When choosing fruit, think of what you can pair together with your main dishes. After all, well-chosen fruit can be used as a nice palate cleanser after the stronger flavors of the main course.

If instead you’d rather leave the cooking to a professional, reach out to YaDa Chef about hiring a personal chef for you and your guests. You can focus on enjoying your company while having delicious food prepared for you!

A blowout party at home is a great way to celebrate everyone’s favorite season drawing to a close. Make it unforgettable and meaningful by planning out a fun and healthy occasion for you and your loved ones. With the right help and preparation, this can be the party everyone talks about for the rest of the year.

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