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Free Delivery! Delivered Meals, Week of May 25

Due to the current status of events for everyone, we have initiated our meals delivery program. All meals are under 400 calories, portion controlled AND we have menus which change each week with no repeats for an entire year!

Deliveries are Mondays and/or Thursdays. There is an eight meal minimum (any combination of the below choices) with each order for each week.

For more information, or 954-367-YADA (9232). Orders must be received by 12noon Friday for delivery the next week.

For the week of May 25, here is the menu: Beef and Egglant with Blackbean Garlic Sauce served with Rice - bite size pieces of beef and eggplant stir-fried with spicy asian blackbean garlic sauceCoconut Crusted Salmon with Rice and Vegetable- salmon filets lightly crusted and roasted with coconut and a hint of cayenne pepperGrilled Spice Paste Pork Chop with Potato and Vegetable- center cut chops rubbed and marinated with our own spice paste and grilled to juicy perfectionChicken Fettucine with Spi…

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