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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe (Vegan Option)

Making soup from butternut squash is one of our go-to moves during the fall. Fortunately for you, it could not be easier. ROAST THE SQUASH... The only downside of cooking with butternut squash is that it takes kinda forever. But once you take a bite of the sweet squash you remember why it's SO worth it. Roasting it before you make the soup is key to getting that caramelized, deeply sweet flavor in the squash that we all love.  WITH POTATOES—OR NOT We love adding a couple potatoes onto the sheet tray with the squash to give the soup an extra creamy texture and more body. But if you'd rather stay away from potatoes, that's totally fine. This soup will work without them! You simply roast the squash with a couple diced potatoes until tender. (You can totally skip the potatoes but we love the starchy creaminess that they give the texture.) While those are roasting, you can start sautéing aromatics: onion, celery, and carrot. Then add your squash and potatoes and chicken broth an…

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