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Dairy Free Cooking - Gluten Free Cooking - Allergy Free Cookbook

“This cookbook contains mouthwatering recipes, the directions are easy to follow and the hints are a welcome extra bonus. The recipes in this cookbook make cooking gluten-free a pleasure.” Elaine Monarch, Founder, Celiac Disease Foundation

…..This book is for so many of our clients who have asked us to share our recipes with them, and also for the many others who suffer from life threatening allergies, have strict dietary restrictions, or simply have general concerns of the negative impact dairy and gluten have on health.  You do not have to be on any special diet to enjoy these recipes.  All of the recipes have been tested time and again by people not on any restrictive diets as well as those who are. We made sure the tastes and textures were not compromised.  Our recipes are quick and easy to follow.  They are for the beginner as well as the experienced cook.

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