5 Benefits of Having a Turkey Air Fryer

Description: A turkey air fryer is a lifesaver for a party or a dinner. It prepares a lip-smacking dish in about less than three hours. Turkey is not just food but symbolic of thanksgiving, there is no point in ditching it if you can get a healthier version of the same.

Often carrying kilos of oil into the backyard for a turkey to be fried is not at all convenient and thus an alternative that will require no or little oil is more than welcome. Contrary to popular opinion, a turkey air fryer will not make any difference in taste or appearance. It will be equally juicy and tender along with the honey golden glaze that we get to see in a traditionally cooked turkey. Let us look at all the air fryer benefits that can change your total cooking and hosting game. 

1. Turkey Air Fryers are Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient cooking appliances are winning the market and for justifiable reasons. Any traditional full-sized oven will consume energy like a monster but in case of your air fryer, you would not have to worry about that. 

2. Oil-Free

Living a healthy life today is one of the utmost important precautions that we need to take. The never-ending health problems that stem from bad eating habits are only adding more to its list. Consuming too much oil can trigger a lot of diseases like cholesterol that could prove fatal. Often people ask how does a turkey air fryer work without oil. The answer is it circulates the heat through a convection process. 

3. A Great Time Saver

Oven roasting often takes much more time than an air fryer for the turkey to cook well on all sides. If you follow the turkey air fryer instructions carefully, you will reap the best results in much less time. It should take around two to two and a half hours for an average-sized turkey to cook. 

It also heats up and cools down sooner than a traditional oven. The oil cools down quicker and makes it easier to clean. 

4. Cleaning is Easy

Cleaning an air fryer is easy. You can clean the glass bowl with simply some soap and water. However, make sure you have unplugged your fryer and it has cooled down completely before beginning your cleaning process. 

5. Making the Gravy Was Never Easier

Air fryers can be used for several purposes like making the turkey gravy itself. You would not even require a separate pan or pot. You can prepare the gravy in the same turkey bowl. Air fryer french fries is another delicacy that you can prepare with the same appliance.  

Do not waste your time, oil, and money the next time you indulge in a sumptuous turkey dinner. Invest in a good air fryer and stop worrying about heart-burns altogether. 

Author’s Bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a chef at one of the best steak places in California called the Fire Dragon. She is a renowned food blogger and travels all over the country to find the best food joints and innovative ways to cook different food. 

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