Orange Ice Cream Recipe

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This is an easy orange ice cream recipe that results in a creamy sweet orange taste, similar to what you may call a “Dreamsicle” or “Creamsicle” flavor.

Please Note: Makes approximately one quart of ice cream.
2 cups/500ml (ideally freshly squeezed) orange juice
1 tablespoon/15ml orange zest
1 tablespoon/15ml lemon juice
1 teaspoon/5ml vanilla extract
1 cup/192g sugar
1 1/2/375ml cups heavy cream
Whisk the sugar in the orange juice until dissolved and then add all other ingredients. Then pour in your ice cream maker and mix until it is frozen.
If you opt for freshly squeezed, expect to use around 8 oranges, though the amount will vary depending on the type of oranges you use.
Enjoy making this orange ice cream recipe!

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