Traveling Charity Supper Club

traveling personal chefs

The beauty of a Charity Supper Club is that anyone can hold a supper. Hold your own Supper utilizing YaDa Chef's culinary talents to raise funds for your special charity. 

Throughout the month of October, and possibly part of November, YaDa Chef will be traveling throughout the continental USA providing our services.

Where do you hold a Charity Supper Club?

You can hold it anywhere. The location is completely up to you, depending on the scale of your supper and number of guest you wish to attend. We only need a kitchen.

How many people do you invite?

You can start big or small depending on the scale of your space. Start with six people or maybe sixty. 


The menu can be as intricate or simple as you wish. We will assist you in creating a menu both you and your guests will enjoy. 

What to drink?

Usually these dinners begin with a cocktail to get people in the mood. Why not offer a cash bar after the first drink to add to your charity.

How do I get donations from people?

This is the easiest. Charge the attendees a certain amount per head based on your fixed menu and expenses. Cash, credit, PayPal... There are so many ways to make the payment process easy. We are here to help.

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