Let's Get Cooking (cooking therapy)

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A new branch of YaDa Chef. We are working with a national company providing services for broken families, and will expand further to help those with PTSD, and other trauma and or physical and mental challenges.

Using cooking and baking as therapy tools.

Sharing the cooking and eating process with others can be extra helpful. Having an excuse to be in the kitchen or around a table with others can boost social skills and confidence.

Many cooks know what a sanctuary the kitchen can be so YaDa Chef has created courses partly aimed at teaching healthy cooking and eating skills for those living tough, chaotic lives. Classes also soothe stress, build self-esteem and curb negative thinking by focusing the mind on following a recipe.

Psychologists say cooking and baking are pursuits that fit a type of therapy known as behavioral activation. The goal is to alleviate depression by boosting positive activity, increasing goal-oriented behavior and curbing procrastination and passivity.

Classes let the students focus on something other than stressful emotions, or what was going on in their day - redirecting their thoughts to focus on the process of cooking.

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