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A dinner party normally involves a sit down meal with more than one course. Any type of food can be served. If you know your guests, it can be more beneficial to pick something you know they will like - or stick to something simple that is usually a crowd pleaser and won't keep you in the kitchen for ages. 

A start time is up to you but we wouldn't start any earlier than 6.30pm. 
What drinks to serve depends on your guests - dinner parties usually involve a lot of hosting work and effort to "please your guests". If you know your guests aren't wine or champagne drinkers, don't waste your money serving it! If you're unsure of what your guests drinks, have a variety on hand - wine, champagne, beer, soda, juice & water. 
"The first step is to go exploring -- if you're out of your comfort zone -- that's one step in and of itself."

The options for foods are endless. It's always a bonus if you go the extra mile and hire YaDa Chef who will make all your menu selections from scratch - ie: homemade bread to accompany the starter or main, your own marinades for meat or fish, your own ice-cream or sorbet to accompany the dessert etc. 
Embrace culinary delights from around the world or a time in history with an ethnic themed dinner party menu ideas, delighting your guests with tastes from around the world or one particular ethnic cuisine.
What better way to add a fun flair to your next event than with one of our great themed dinner party ideas? Dinner party menu ideas that center around a theme add to the ambiance and bring originality to your elegant dinner party.

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