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Culinary Team Building

Are You With A Company Seeking A Fun Cooking Team Building that Energizes, Engages and Fires-up Your Team?
Create a gourmet meal while boosting your corporate team's potential with meaningful culinary cooking team-building workshops from YaDa Chef Chef. We come to you and help companies, sales teams, HR teams, and company executives build better relationships through cooking programs you won't find anywhere else.
How Our
Programs Work
Our cooking team-building sessions transform your group to an unstoppable team ready to take on the world!
Fun is a key component to your team's transformation process, which is why YaDa Chef offers
culinary team-building exercises  that allow participants to be fully engaged for 100% participation.
In one day, you'll learn more about the people you work with and gain a whole new level of professional intimacy then in the years you've already spent with them.
Best of all, we come to you so there's no need to travel for your fulfilling experience.
  • We Come to You, to Your Off-Site Meeting, Hotel Conference or On-Campus Program
  • Fun & Fully Engaging, Guarantees 100% Participation
  • Customize Your Cooking Team Building Program Designed for Your Specific Needs!
  • Discover Essential Team Messages Through Creating a Great Meal Together!
  • "Iron Chef" Type Competition to Totally Collaborative Culinary Team Building
  • Cooking with Colleagues Means Bonding in the Boardroom!
Are you looking for a way to bring your clients and employees together around a group activity that encourages creativity, working as a team and the opportunity to bond outside the work environment? Team building events are lively and fun. They encourage interaction, communication and healthy competition.  They are a great reward for a job well done.
Fort Lauderdale Personal Chef - Corporate Team Building

YaDa Chef offers culinary workshops guided by chef instructors. Recipes are designed to be accessible for every level of cook.  Seasonal menus promote ingredients that are fresh and available locally. 
Pricing is based on the guest count and includes the chef instructor, staff, food and supplies to create your menu choice.  Guests sample their food throughout the event, and can take home whatever is left. If the weather permits, as it usually does, why not have your event outside!

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