YaDa Chef Partnering With Stable Paths - Cooking Therapy

What Stable Paths Does

Quite simply, we give parents and children the tools they need to positively re-connect with one another in a tranquil and private yet beautiful setting. By engaging in experiential activities such as horse exercises, swimming with Dolphins, recreational sports and games, and cooking meals together, families create new memories and re-establish existing bonds and attachments. Our goal is to assist families in working diligently to overcome the objections, obstacles, and fear to restoring their previous, loving relationships. In doing so, families develop deeper compassion and the communication skills necessary to facilitate the discovery of a common ground to therapeutically reunify and discover joy again after they have experienced devastating separation.

Who We Serve

Families alienated or distanced from each other by the challenges posed by extreme situations. Some of the possible scenarios include but are not limited to:
  • High-Conflict Divorce
  • Moderate to Severe Parental Alienation
  • Familial and Non-Familial Abductions
  • Families desiring a new level of connection

How We Do It

Because of the case specific nature of the intervention, each family will have a different treatment plan. All family members may be asked to participate. In some situations, this may include extended family members. The team takes a multi-faceted approach which incorporates a combination of individual, dyad, and family processing. We believe the best expert and advocate for your family is you. We support and re-empower parents to be parents and children and teenagers to be, fundamentally and developmentally, children and teenagers out of the middle of conflict. We illuminate a path that allows families to embrace crisis, conflict, and life changes as opportunities for connection and growth.