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M K: Thank you for the recipes and the delicious food and attention to detail.  Everything was absolutely perfect. 

Really appreciate it! 

Happy new year!

K B: I will certainly advise Exotic that your service was exceptional. We will likely return next year and will keep you on our radar.
fort lauderdale personal chef event catering
Andrea T: Thank you so much! We really enjoyed your meals. It was one of things Carly mentioned as a positive thing about the week. She's been talking about the chocolate pie since we've returned. It was so nice to not have to worry about food preparation all week. It was a treat for me! Thank you!

Rob A: Really big thanks for the cooking class today, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to doing more in the kitchen.

Shizuka S: Joseph, Lauren and I had a fantastic evening. Thank you for the wonderful experience. We wanted to make sure we thanked YOU properly...We are dreaming of our French chateau now that we want you to come out to with us!! Merci!!

A T: Thanks to you both as well! Everyone was thrilled with the evening and I had leftover cake for breakfast the next morning. I'd call it a success all around. If we find ourselves back in Miami for a retreat you'll be top of our list. 

K B: Everything was great!!!!!!!!!! We loved it!!!!!!!!! God bless you! … I need you again!!!!!

D M: We just ate leftovers and everybody loved your food as much today as yesterday!! Everything was delicious and you guys are great fun. Thank you so much! 

F B: It was a great pleasure to have you here. We enjoyed very much your cuisine and so did all our friends. But it was your very company that was a real pleasure for us. Your courtesy and sensibility make your presence always discreet and agreeable.
It is amazing to realize how different nationality, language, occupation are all cancelled by something as simple -but rear- as good manners.
A S: I can't thank you both enough for all your hard work and individual attention for me and my boys. Not only are you excellent chefs, but you both have hearts of gold and I truly enjoyed meeting you both - you helped us so much through a very difficult journey. You made a very big impact on the boys and I know they won’t forget you. 
A S [additional]:I just wanted to let you know how truly incredible Chef Bryan and Joseph were!! Not only was their food amazing, but their attention to detail and to the specific needs of the boys was admirable. They made them so comfortable and were a nice 'buffer' especially on the first day. They are very special individuals and made our stay during this very difficult time much more pleasant.
Bob D: Thank you so much. The girls and I loved everything you prepared and really enjoyed your company. Safe travels!
Kathy A: Thanks Bryan! It just wasn't the same without you this morning!!  It was great meeting you …  Hope you relax and enjoy the rest of your week!  Stay In touch! 
Sekia J: I just want to applaud you guys and thank you again for a fantastic dinner. You gentleman were amazing from the planning process all the way up to the dinner. Thank you for putting up with me and thank you for exceeding my expectations. It was a pleasure working with you and I have you on file in case I need to hire a traveling chef for an event. 
Hitesh G: I wish to express my thanks to you guys for pulling off such a romantic dinner!  I am recommending you guys to my sister in law who does catering events.
Paola B: Hi Joseph and Bryan, Just wanted to say that you were the best part of the wonderful holiday in Miami. Hope to see you soon again! Take care! 
Ilpo K: Everything was excellent. Specially Josef and Bryan were fantastic – they were the diamond of the holiday. I have seldom met so service-minded peoples, like they are. Thank You all for everything – we were very, very satisfied.
Francesca B:  We landed safely in cold Finland this morning, and already we miss Florida! We also enjoyed a lot the quality of your service and the kindness that you reserved to us. Actually, we loved everything, from the starters to the desserts. But especially we were impressed by your professionalism and kindness. We will certainly want to enjoy your services again!
Melissa F: Thank you so much for remembering to share these! I will print these and add them to our photo album. Your food was an important part of our experience. Thank you!
Marissa C: Thanks so much! Party was wonderful and the food a hit as always. Especially the salmon. Happy holidays
David W: We really enjoyed the evening, the YaDa team were good hosts and their take on the boniatillo was a novelty for me at least.     
Johanna S: …went the other night (to the London Havana Nights PopUp) and had a really nice evening. The cafe was lovely and intimate and the gents were fantastic hosts.…the beef is awesome and the Mojitos were some of the best I’ve had in London! Great time had and I’d definitely recommend it to all.
Lauren L: Best pop-up ever! Gorgeous people! Amazing food!
Deon N: Thank you so much, you have reopened a world I thought was lost to me. Not many people would understand that but you did and I am grateful to you.
George B: Thanks for your patience and your excellent service and sharing your great talent.
Kim K: Guys – thank you so much for another (corporate cooking class) EXCELLENT JOB!
Captain James Archer of the Il Sole: Chef Joseph carried out his duties diligently and to a high standard. He was called in at extremely short notice and did an excellent job of provisioning and preparing for the charter. Chef Joseph’s food was of high quality and the guests were extremely happy with all the food. He was well like by the crew and is always positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chef Joseph to a future employer in the yachting field. 
S Lloyd: Food is SO tasty and wholesome! Many Thanks. 
Kim K: Joseph and Bryan – just wanted you both know how much we enjoyed your session (corporate cooking class/team building) today. We had 16 folks do the survey and on ALL your workshop received the highest marks possible! The response was terrific!
Karen F: Thank you for your services. You being here made this first family reunion a great success. The food was delicious  You catered to all of our requests and you had a smile on your face even with our ever changing schedules to accommodate the babies.  Thanks so much and Happy New Year.
Suzanne M: Thank you for the wonderful and huge Thanksgiving turkey! It was the most delicious turkey we ever had! The whole meal was fabulous!
Donna M: Thank you so much for making our Thanksgiving so amazing! The turkey was so moist that I honestly believe it was the best turkey I've ever eaten. The entire meal was perfect. Sandra [the server] was lovely. She took care of everything and I appreciated having her. 
Tracey W: Thank you for the wonderful service you provided. It was such peace of mind for them and they loved your meals!
Bev W: Chef Joseph cooked an amazing dinner!! Of course, if you wanted me to say more ... Such as, chef Joseph created an amazing meal for our family, ensuring that our gluten allergies didn't keep us from having a four star meal in our lovely home with our brand new baby. What a delightful, food centered evening!
Tonya M: Everything was SO beautiful (Chef) Joseph did a marvelous job and the food was delicious.  My baby cried when she saw everything that went into making her smile.  Thanx for making my day memorable.
Ralph: First, your food is absolutely delicious.  We've tried so many home meal delivery services and YaDa is by far the best, greatly exceeded our expectations. Here is my order for next week.
Cat: Thank you for an amazing dinner. Everyone was still talking about the food today at another party we all attended. The flavor was great and everyone was full which made me happy to hear. And it was great not having to do it myself.
Tricia: This is the best! If you are in the area, you will not be disappointed in the menu, delivery, presentation, or prices! Save your time and effort, and go with the easiest and tastiest catering at YaDa Chef!
Sarah H: Thanks so much again for the amazing food!!! Everyone loved it, and I can't thank you enough for putting up with all the crazy drama;) I'll be in touch for future events.
Renee: Everything was wonderful and delicious-even the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue who were called (very delicious indeed) not to mention HYSTERICAL!
Chef Joseph was delightful and very informative and we all really enjoyed his presentation & as far as the food goes, we came back for seconds.  Enough said.
Will definitely keep you in mind for our catered lunches and I will pass on the tale of the Famous Traveling Bag.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
Raphye: Would you like to cater our 3rd day as well?  So 12, 13 and 14?  LM remembers you and says you are really good.
Shelly: Fantastic to work with! Well worth the investment and great meals!
Sheri: Thank you for wonderful appetizers!  The only thing we had left was some of the cheese.  The sweet potato puree (shooters) were really tasty!  The little canapes and the cucumber wraps went very quickly.  I hope you have a very happy holiday.  Thank you for all you do for the (Coral Springs) Museum. 
Diana: You made my pregnancy so much better with your yummy food! My son is now 2 1/2 years-old, and very healthy, thanks to God and good food. I hope you and your business are doing well.
SuzanneI didn't have a chance to thank you all for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone enjoyed it immensely.
Vannah: Thank you! Chef Joseph was great. The food turned out [for the dinner party of six] perfectly. We look forward to working with you again.
Bonnie: Thanks again for the wonderful food.  My parents really enjoyed it.  My father will be having surgery soon, and when that happens, I'll be in touch again to set up deliveries while he's recuperating. 
Maureen: I just want to thank you for making our evening very memorable.  It was a treat for us to come home and have everything prepared, served and cleaned up.  The food was sooo delicious.  We also enjoyed the meals that were delivered on the other nights.  My sister Kathy did a great job when she discovered Yada Chef.  Thank you again
Kathy: I wanted to thank you both so much for making our special birthday dinner so memorable.  Thanks again for an awesome dinner.  We actually had enough crab cakes to makes sandwiches to take on the plane the next day!!! The whole plane could smell the crab!  People were jealous!!
Tasha: Just a brief note to thank you for your participation in this year’s Festival of the Flutes.  Additionally, we know that your support does not go unnoticed by our attendees and they will think of you for their personal occasions.  I know that everyone was raving about your both your crepes and there wasn’t a clear cut favorite between the two!
Suzanne: Fabulous Thanksgiving!!!! The meal was just perfect!!!! Everyone raved! I can't wait to throw another party because I am never cooking again!  I must tell you that the turkey was cooked to perfection. The white meat (and there was so much of it we did not need to cut into the extra breast!) was succulent. Yes, succulent. Yummy!  I was able to pack up huge leftover trays for everyone to take home and I still have plenty for us!  Thank you thank you again!  Xox
Joanne: [YaDa Chef] is brilliant! They have a personality that doesn't quit! Their creative nature with their marketing and catering, not to mention YaDa Chef is the BEST caterer EVER! And healthy to boot! Why would you use anyone else? They is a dream come true!"
Kathy: Our salmon dinner was fabulous! We heated it up per your instructions. Brussels sprouts were delicious and loved by all!! (An additional email sent two days later) The family loved the dinners!! Thanks! Also, we moved to another location. I will send you the address tomorrow.  K
Barbara O'Keefe: Meant to call you yesterday to let you know how successful everything was.  It was beautiful and delicious and everybody loved everything.  I have the feeling you will have three new places to cater.  We, I, especially LOVED the [appetizer] with the fresh fig and mint on top.  What a treat to the pallet.  The salmon was excellent.  The little tarts were wonderful.  Everyone had their favorite and others liked them all.  And they all disappeared because they loved it so much, they were little piggies.  Thank you so VERY, VERY, much! Thank you again.
Nicole M. Berger DDS, South Florida Smile Spa:  We would like to thank YaDa Chef for helping last nights VIP event a success! The food was outstanding, the post-procedure was flowing and the patients were glowing! Thank you to everyone who helped make it amazing! Stay tuned for the next event.
Jason Jersey: Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative: “Joseph is an amazing caterer and chef. Joseph focuses on organic, healthy recipes that taste all so good. I would highly recommend Joseph "Yada Chef" to anyone looking for a top-notch caterer in the South Florida area. Thanks Joseph!” 
Mary Pennino, Senior Sales Manager, “I used Yada Chef (namely Joseph Yacino) for one of my clients and what I received far outweighed my expectations. Yada Chef delivered exceptional food and customer service. Working with Joseph was a pleasure because his creativity made the event beyond ordinary. He is a very focused individual with a knowledge of food and wines that confounds the average person. Joseph is a diligent and detailed oriented person. I have no doubt that using his services will bring a feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you have placed your event in the hands of someone so capable.” 
Karen Pfeffer: Joseph’s and Bryan’s catering service is everything a busy business person can ask for: perfect suggestions that fit the budget and occasion, exquisite delicacies and on time delivery.”  “YaDa Chef is a phenomenal catering company that I highly recommend for any business and personal event. Bryan is extremely professional and knows how to handle any event, large or small. Fire Power Seminars has consistently called on Bryan and his team for our local seminars. Additionally, he went beyond my expectations for my mother's 90th surprise birthday celebration. You will love working with Bryan!”
Deb Baron: “Joseph is an excellent chef and Bryan is great as a project manager for Yada Chef. We have used his services whenever we have client gatherings as Bryan and Joseph really takes the time to understand our needs and develop a menu based on our clientele and the purpose of our event. We will continue to use Yada Chef's services as they continually find ways to create delicious & healthy food and beautifully present it so that our clients want to come back for more!”
Ana Arias: I want to thank you and let you know that everything was first class, your service, the good food, and the set up.  The groom and bride enjoyed it very much and were very thankful for you gift, they love it. If a catering service is needed in the future, you can make sure that I will contact you again and or recommend your services. Thanks again, My thanks to you and Joseph for the great food and ease provided to keep our guests feed. They loved the food, and are still raving about it! I stayed at my mom's and will be here most of today.
My name is Darren H. and I have been a regular customer of YaDa Chef for over two years.  In the over 400+ meals Joseph’s company has prepared for me, I have very much enjoyed nearly every one of them (99%) and many have been particularly notable.  His menu is tailored, healthy, and varied.  His prices are also competitive.  I expect to remain a loyal customer for years to come.  Please let me know if I can help address any specific questions. Enjoy.
Stu Goldman: have just received a note from YaDa Chef, asking if I would send you a note saying that I am a live customer, even after having interacted with YaDa. I have not been informed as to the 'why' that brought you to YaDa Chef, but I would be happy to give you feed-back (if you pardon the expression) on my experience with the Dietary Duo.
I was referred to them by a third party (dietician) who was creating a diet plan for me due to an illness.  I met personally with YaDa and based upon the recommended ingredients, we created a menu that, despite my personal aversion with veggies and stuff that is good for me, was actually delicious, interesting and healthy... the first two on that list were important to me. I am a meat & potatoes" kind of guy by nature, but the combinations of ingredients and flavors made YaDa's deliveries of meals tasty both in flavors and as an experience.
If you are looking for caterers who are interested in YOUR welfare, convenience AND in their own chosen profession, you are not making a mistake in trusting these two guys!  Their intellectual curiosity in creating and preparing a meal plan for me based upon a strange list of acceptable food-stuffs was laudable and quite frankly amazing; they thought outside of the box and still came up with palatable dishes...and under the stringent circumstances that alone was a miracle. 
My health is much improved with their help and they have taught me how to prepare meals that are a lot heathier than those I was eating before.
Feel free to call me direct if you need verify that I am indeed a real person and that I am not in the employ of YaDa Chef... one look at my resume will assure you that I am basically unemployable by anyone... but I'm feeling fine!

Chef Joseph received a write up in the Treasure Coast News! Since 2000, one name has led the Ft. Lauderdale catering scene in freshness, and that’s YaDa Chef. Owned and operated by Chef Joseph Yacino, YaDa Chef strives to make clients feel good about what they eat. Offering traditional corporate and private catering for gatherings and a special daily menu for food preparation complete with at-home delivery, YaDa Chef has enjoyed the highest marks of quality and customer satisfaction in south Florida for over ten years.“All of our food is 100% natural organic, fresh, and homemade. Never prepackaged, and never frozen. A lot of people in my industry can’t say that,” Yacino said.And it’s true. Many caterers and personal chefs “cheat” by using some ingredients that have been prepackaged or frozen to keep costs down, but YaDa Chef made a commitment from day one to only use the highest quality organic, fresh ingredients in every item from hors d’oeuvres to dessert and breakfast through dinner.When asked about the company name, Mr. Yacino chuckled, explaining he gets that question a lot. His partner and co-founder of the business, Bryan Daniel first suggested a conglomeration of their names, and Yacino invented YaDa. “We like it because Ya and Da both mean ‘yes’ in other languages, so it’s a positive name, like saying “Yes! Yes! Chef!” he explained.Chef Yacino’s career has taken him all over the world, including England, Scotland, France, Greece, Italy, and Norway, as well as the United States. His time in each country taught him the subtleties of the local signature tastes and techniques. Thankful for the opportunity to study in so many different places, the Chef explains that each country and culture has something to bring to the table, literally, in the form of food, style, and taste.One unique service YaDa chef offers is discounted meals for delivery to homes. They have been a big hit in South Florida and are perfect for people who are too busy to cook and are tired of fast, unhealthy food that is usually their only option in their on-the-go lifestyles. The menu includes fresh and healthy dishes like Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry with Rice, Orange Salmon with Roast Potatoes and Vegetable, and Baked Bell Peppers Stuffed with Orzo and Vegetable.These meals are prepared fresh every day according to a menu that Mr. Yacino sets up every week. It’s rare that someone says they don’t like the day’s special, and the Chef explained that he spends extra effort keeping the menu varied and suited for all tastes.When asked what the best part about his job, Joseph Yacino says, “I love teaching people how to cook, and I love teaching people how to eat healthier and make healthy eating choices. Food that’s good and good for you, that’s the YaDa way.” So if you’re in the area or planning an event, remember YaDa Chef can make you some wonderful, fresh food that you won’t feel guilty for eating.YaDa Chef serves the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida areas. Call 954-367-9232 or visit

Statement for YaDa Chef's upcoming cookbook from Elaine Monarch, Founder, Celiac Disease Foundation “This cookbook contains mouthwatering recipes, the directions are easy to follow and the hints are a welcome extra bonus. The recipes in this cookbook make cooking gluten-free a pleasure.”  

personal chefs and event catering
Miami + Miami Beach + Fort Lauderdale + Palm Beach | 954-367-YADA (9232)

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