Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi Recipe

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These little dumpling “pillows” can be made with a variety of ingredients. Originally they were made with flour/egg mixture. The potato version many of us are familiar with came about after potatoes were introduced from the New World in the 1600's. This recipe was learned while I was wandering around the Veneto. It is always served as a first course or “primo”

Serves 4

1pound/450g Russet Potatoes
¼ cup /38g purpose flour (we used Bob’s Red Mill GF AP mix)
½ teaspoon/2ml salt
¼ teaspoon/1ml pepper
1 large egg lightly beaten

Place the whole unpeeled potatoes in a large pot and cover with water (you can roast in a 400F/200C oven for 45 minutes or easily pierced).  Salt the water generously and boil until “fork tender” (about 45 minutes). Remove potatoes from water and let cool enough to handle.*  

Remove the skin and pass the potatoes through a food mill or ricer.  If you do not have either of these simply mash them.** Mix in the beaten egg and add flour, salt and pepper.  Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and need for 3 minutes. Cut the dough into 4 equal pieces and roll out to 1/4 inch/6.35ml logs.  Cut the logs into 1 inch/2.5cm pieces and roll of the back of a fork.

Cook in salted boiling water until the pieces float to the top (4-5 minutes).

Serve with your favorite sauce.

*Potatoes need to be warm to incorporate the ingredients.

**Do not use a food processor as it will turn the mixture into glue.

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