The Benefits of YaDa Chef's In-Store Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

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The "try before you buy" concept has reached into almost every aspect of our lives and has been proven  to be an effective sales tool. YaDa Chef wants to revolutionize the in-store demonstration model by using professional, working, certified chefsNo “Food Distributors” Allowed.

Partnering with YaDa Chef you will get a Brand Ambassador. 
In-Store Demonstrations and Promotions are designed to Increase Brand Awareness.  Our Demonstrators encourage consumers to sample your products and explain the key benefits and value of your product.  Our demonstrators are sales minded and results oriented. They always encourage Consumers to Try and Buy your featured products.  Our Demonstrators are Enthusiastic and Engaging and are successful in the promotion of Coupon and Brochure campaigns.

Expand Your Local Reach
Reach The Decision Makers
Reach The Household Purchasers (Women 35-50 Years Of Age)
Food Lovers
Health Conscience (create Quick And Healthy Food Items)
Increase Foot Traffic
Increase In Store Per Customer Time By Engaging In Demo/Classes

Create a “Buzz Around Town”
Use Yada Chef Driven Platforms In Tandem With Shaw-Ross 
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter
Local Advertising
Flyers With Times And Locations
Email Blast Collected At Checkout For Announcements Coupons

Use Store and Sponsored and Sale Products
Cut Down on Cost
Share the Cost with “Paying Partners”

YaDa Chef Taking Demos to the “Platinum” Level
Chef Will Be Prepared
Stand No Sitting Allowed
Engage The Customers
Listen And “Talk” To The Customers Not Talk At
Knowledgeable About Demo Products
We Pride Ourselves In Providing Well-Groomed, Experienced And Professional Staff
YaDa Chef's Professionals will Create a Quick Easy Monthly Recipe Using Sponsored Products

Live Tasting Events
When consumers can see, smell, touch and taste your products, they are more likely to buy your product.  It is an effective way to influence their decision to buy your product over the traditional methods of television, radio and newspaper advertising.  During the promotion, Consumers become part of the Live-Tasting Experience.

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