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Keep It Clean - Items You'd Never Think To Put In The Dishwasher

Here are a few tips to help you (if you are so lucky to have a dishwasher) keep your household clean.

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10 non-kitchen items you'd never think to put in the dishwasher

I can clean THESE items in dishwasher? (Yes, they'll be good as new!)

By Keith Dunlap - Graham Media Group

Maybe they shouldn’t call it a “dishwasher.”
Yes, the appliance in your kitchen is obviously essential for making sure plates, silverware, glasses and other kitchen utensils are constantly clean and sanitary.
But would you believe it can clean so much more?
There are numerous other non-kitchen items that can best be cleaned in a dishwasher, maybe making it the most valuable cleaning appliance of them all. 
Here’s a list of things besides what’s stored in the kitchen that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, as long as they are not mixed with actual dishes. 

1). Baseball caps

Ever complain about how filthy a teen's baseball hat is, either because it got dirty playing a sport or because it's been worn seemingly a million days straight? 
Well, there’s no better device to clean a baseball hat than a dishwasher. The shape stays the same and it emerges as good as new. 

2). Rain boots/flip-flops

The flip-flops can easily be hooked on the top rack, while rain boots can lie horizontally anywhere, as long as the liners are removed.

3). Plastic hairbrushes/combs

Of course, you have to remove the hair from each beforehand so the drain of the dishwasher doesn’t get clogged. But as long as that is done, plastic hairbrushes and combs can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher. However, don't put ones in here made of wood. 

4). Gardening tools

As long as they aren’t ones with wooden handles, various garden tools can be rid of all their dirt and grime if you put them in a dishwasher. 

5). Vacuum attachments

How ironic that one cleaning device can be cleaned by another. That can be the case with vacuum attachments, which are best cleaned when placed in the top rack. 

6). Exhaust fans/air vent covers

Ever been grossed out by the appearance of a bathroom exhaust fan or air vent cover? Well, as long as they are plastic, steel or aluminum, a dishwasher does a great job of cleaning them.

7). Athletic equipment

We’re not talking jerseys here, so please keep them in the washer/dryer. But things like shin guards, mouth guards and knee pads can all be cleaned beautifully in the top rack of a dishwasher. 

8). Small toys

Whether it’s things like action figures, blocks or any pet toys, the dishwasher can come through.

9). Light fixture covers

These can be cleaned great in the top rack. Just make sure they are not antique, enameled or painted. 

10). Home office accessories

Ever get tired of seeing dirty items on your desk at home such as trash cans, pen/pencil cups or paper organizers? Just put them in a dishwasher. 
Are there any other non-kitchen items that we missed that can also be cleaned effectively in a dishwasher?

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