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Best Houseplants To Destress Your Home And Purify The Air

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Nature has an amazing way of helping us, in spite of ourselves. We set out to build homes that we feel are lovely. We furnish them with stylish furniture, soothing lighting, and artwork. We entertain our guests, giving little thought to their health. But, what if by inviting someone for a visit actually makes them feel rested, relaxed, and clear. This is a possibility.

For many years, experts have known that plants take in carbon monoxide and put off oxygen. This is good to know since people take in oxygen and put off carbon monoxide.  This process is called photosynthesis. Of course, there is much more to plants than that. Some plants are more efficient than others at this process and plants have other properties and uses.  Let us give you a few examples.


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If you are looking for a plant that de-stresses your house, you should start with Lavender. Growing Lavender is a wonderful experience from the beginning. Lavender is a lovely purple bloom from the mint family. As far back as the Egyptians, it has been used for the properties of anti-anxiety, improved sleep, and skin treatments. 

In modern society, we use dried lavender in tea for relaxation. When growing in a pot it clears the air of many toxins and relieves stress. Soaked in warm water and used in a facial rinse, it can clear skin issues. A drop of Lavender essential oil in a diffuser in a carrier oil can ease pain

Other plants that will help you de-stress your home.

Peppermint is one of our favorites. Much like lavender, peppermint has many uses. Peppermint has a pleasing aroma and the scent is de-stressing. They also clean the air of toxins. You can dry the leaves and enjoy them in peppermint tea. Peppermint eases an upset tummy, and it is an excellent pain killer. Peppermint in a growing in a room reduces the likelihood of stress or migraine headaches. 

Spider plant

Another favorite house plant with a special trait is the spider plant. The Spider Plant has long, and thin leaves of beautiful green color and a long yellow stripe. It grows tall, so it is a good idea to grow it in the corner. Now for the special part. The Spider Plant goes through photosynthesis during the night. Other plants go through photosynthesis
during the day. Having a Spider plant near you while you sleep will ensure fresh and clean air. 

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Herbs in the kitchen do more than help with the air quality, they bring the fragrance of home. Fresh herbs make sauces come alive with flavor that you cannot buy. They can be hung to dry or chopped and added fresh. There are many kinds. You will never regret having an herb garden in your kitchen window. Make sure you keep them in an area where they get sun, and keep them moist.

Rubber Tree Plant

If you have limited space for plants and have to make a choice opt for a Rubber Tree Plant. Yes, it is a large tree with large leaves, but if you can only have one, plant, this is a good one. The plant is easy to grow. Keep the leaves wiped clean. The Rubber Tree Plant is especially good at removing formaldehyde from the air. We normally associate formaldehyde with embalming the dead, but it can be found in a lot of products in your home. That includes pressed wood, insulation, and many other things. 


The best place in the house to grow ferns is in the bathroom. Ferns love humid air. Moisture in the air is their favorite way to absorb. If the leaves begin to turn brown on the tips, hey may have to much water in their soil. If that happens, you may need to take them out in the sun and let the soil dry a bit. 

There you have it. Plants are great for reducing stress, lowering anxiety, and lowering blood pressure. Plants can play an important part in controlling the quality of the air we breathe while we are in our homes. This is nature’s intent. People and plant life were meant to coexist. 

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