Don't Turn Family Time Into Turkey Time - Hire Your Thanksgiving Personal Chef

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That tradition of cooking the day of the holiday will most likely continue this year in a number of households. Who wants to spend their time in the kitchen? There's a better way if families hire a personal chef for Thanksgiving. Not only can families remove stress from the holiday, but it presents a great opportunity to make the holiday special and unique in terms of the dishes you can ask the chef to prepare.
Thinking outside of the box, instead of the Thanksgiving staples such as roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce on the side, why not change things up? The prep time that many families endure before the holiday can be replaced by flipping through magazines or, let's face it, Pinterest, to find enticing offerings for dinner.
One thing to consider is personal taste. This is your Thanksgiving after all and you should keep in mind that there is a special art in choosing dishes that work well together. You also do not want to get the same of everything, so it's a balance you have to strike just right.
For instance, many families like to have a mac and cheese dish on the table and it's a great recipe to have some fun with, taking into consideration everyone's personal tastes.
Let YaDa Chef customize the meal
No matter how you choose to make your Thanksgiving dinner unique, be sure and let us know your dietary restrictions. For those who are more health-minded, we will also be conscious of that as they prepare your dinner.
The greatest advantage of YaDa Chef is the time gained from not having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking, or cleaning afterwards. That's time families can spend together during a holiday that brings people together, especially those who live far apart from each other.
Dinners can come and go, but gaining more time with family members you haven't seen all year is something precious and is essentially what Thanksgiving is really about. Be sure you don't let this opportunity pass you by.
For help finding a personal chef for your Thanksgiving celebration, contact us. You can rest assured knowing that the chefs in our network come with the best experience in the industry to ensure everything you want for the holiday dinner will be perfect.
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