Bubble and Squeak History and Recipe

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Bubble and Squeak. A household fav. of ours. Bubble and Squeak is so called because of the noises it makes whilst frying in the pan, though others have said that the bubble and squeak is the noise your stomach makes after eating it! You decide. Recipes are difficult because this is made from leftovers, usually from Sunday Roast or Christmas dinner. People that were alive during WWII may not be as fond of this as am I. The usual quantities are equal portions of potato to cabbage (any wilted green will do including brussel sprouts) Crush the potatoes a bit before adding to a heavy bottomed pan that has hot fat (beef drippings are traditional and allow for a higher temp to form a crust) Season with salt and pepper. Crust should be on both sides. Don't worry it won't flip in one piece like an omelette. Form single patties and top with an egg for a morning fry up. 

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