Common Cooking Mistakes

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Not all kitchen adventures are a resounding success. Sometimes it goes wrong. Our Beka Cookware chefs listed four common kitchen mistakes and how to prevent them!

Mistake 1: Reading the recipe vaguely
You’re in the middle of the cooking process and finding out that the meat needs to marinate for two hours. Or you’re still chopping vegetables like crazy while the onions are almost burning. Sounds familiar? Make sure you have read the whole recipe well in advance. And remember this classic kitchen term: “mise en place”. Collect all the ingredients you need and do the chopping and other prepping before you actually start cooking.
But even good recipes are never an exact science. Be critical and taste during cooking. Be aware that the result depends on different parameters: the ingredients, your oven or stove, etc…

Mistake 2: Burning the chocolate
Hold your horses when melting chocolate. Otherwise, you might end up with a grainy, clumped or scorched dollop. Heat gently and keep stirring until the chocolate turns into a smooth and creamy consistency. If you use a bain-marie, the water must simmer and not boil.

Mistake 3: Overcrowding the pan
You’re frying steak or mushrooms and the result looks pale and distasteful. The problem is you’ve cooked or steamed the food instead of frying it. All the moisture is released in the pan which results in mushy ingredients. The solution is easy: divide the food over several batches. To prevent the first batch from getting cold put it in the oven at low temperature. 

Mistake 4: Cooking at the wrong temperature
A chicken filet is almost black on the outside and still raw on the inside. It’s a classic example of putting the heat too high. Chicken can be fried at a high temperature to create a golden brown and crispy layer. But then be sure to turn down the heat to keep it succulent.

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