Italian Meatballs - How They Are Supposed To Be Served

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We know that EVERYONE of Italian descent in the USA calls themselves Italian, and everyone had this most delicious of meals growing up.
Remember the smells that wafted through the whole house on the day that the tomato/marinara sauce was made?

personal chef miami beachWe do, and it was made by a woman of Polish descent. When she married into an Italian/American family she was schooled by the lady relatives on how to make fresh pasta, sauces etc. She did and does make the most wonderful Neapolitano variations of all things Italian.
That said; in Italy meatballs and other meats are generally served on the side. Pasta is a separate course from meat. There are exceptions.
Here is a wonderful explanation from an article we found on Escoffier Online.…/
Keep in mind in Italy polpette can be made with anything--even seafood. These were made with ground turkey and were light fluffy and "Just like my mother makes"--maybe a bit more garlic.

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