Goblin Guts Sensory Bag

Personal Chef Fort Lauderdale
Halloween fun can be as inexpensive as you want. Here is a great, and cheap, project.

What you will need:
zip-lock bag
cooked pasta
green food coloring
eye balls, spiders, snakes (anything you think will make good goblin guts)
Clear hair gel
clear packaging tape
Mix the pasta with a couple drops of green food coloring in a bowl. Allow several minutes to dry. (However, don't wait too long. You don't want the noodles to dry out.) Once dry, mix the green pasta with all other ingredients in a zip-lock bag. Then just secure the bag with clear packaging tape.
Squishy, Gooey, oh so fun!
The goblin guts sensory bag will only last about a week due to the pasta but it was a great way to make use of some of the pasta after another activity. Note- we keep it in the fridge while it is not being played with.
Halloween sensory bags = frugal fun!

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