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We believe eating is one of life’s greatest pleasure. We believe eating healthy and everything in moderation.  We think that eating the right foods can make or keep you healthy. We think everyone should be able to eat delicious tasty foods regardless of allergies or sensitivities. We believe that everyone should be able to cook without fear of making mistakes.

Do you remember the first time you cooked? Cooking for yourself and being able to cook for others is a worthwhile skill. You save money, control the quality of ingredients, reduce your exposure to preservatives and other chemicals (especially when cooking with whole foods), and you can improve or maintain your health by making sure those meals are healthy ones.

How can learning how to cook be good for children? The measurements in cooking help with their math skills. They can learn the difference between teaspoons, tablespoons, milligrams, cups, grams, ounces, etc. It also helps them learn to follow instructions. If you follow a recipe to a "T", the end result will be good food. But if you miss a key ingredient or step, the end could result in not so good food!  Cooking helps kids' social skills by interacting with their parents or family members when they cook or cooking with friends or with serving food. Cooking has always been a very social thing to us. Eating by yourself is no fun. Sharing a big container of your special homemade cookies with all of your friends, pretty fantastic. Cooking can become a form of play. Gathering all the ingredients can be sort of like a treasure hunt. Mixing them all together and seeing how a lump of ingredients turns into an edible delight is very satisfying. The best part though, is the final reward: a dish that the child can be proud of and enjoy. Teaching children how to cook at an early age will only help them in the future. They'll grow up to be adults who can whip up a healthy meal in their own homes and not have to rely on take-out or fast food for a weeknight dinner. Teaching children how to cook only empowers them.

Book a class for you OR your kids.  YaDa Chef comes to your house and teaches in a familiar environment.  It's a place you feel comfortable in and will be replicating the recipes we teach time and again.  Call or email today.

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