Blueberry Sauce Recipe - Gluten Free

Blueberry Sauce Recipe - Gluten Free - Miami Personal Chef

A good recipe to start off - this one you can slather on whatever you like. It works well as a replacement for cranberry sauce on turkey, it can be used in place of jam on toast. You can drown your pancakes with it. It even works as a topping for ice cream! Fresh or frozen blueberries make this meal equally as delicious, so you can use your stored blueberries for this one. It’s a quick prep and quick cook time, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

You’ll need:
2 cups of blueberries. They can be from the freezer or fresh.
A quarter cup of water.
A cup of orange juice.
Three quarters of a cup of white sugar
A quarter cup of water
Three tablespoons of corn starch
Half a teaspoon of almond extract
An eighth teaspoon of cinnamon
The method:
Grab a saucepan. Put in the blueberries, your quarter cup of water (make sure it’s cold), orange juice, and sugar. Over medium heat, stir gently until the ingredients are brought to a boil.
Next, mix the cornstarch and another quarter cup of cold water in a bowl. Slowly mix this in with the blueberries, being careful not to squish them. Simmer the mixture until it’s thickened - it should stick to a metal spoon when it’s ready for the next step. That’ll take less than five minutes.
Take your sauce off the element. Mix the almond extract and cinnamon in with it. If you find the sauce too thick, you can add more water.
After this, your sauce is ready! You can wait for it to cool or use it as-is.

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