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Disney Is Selling Sporks At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge For $11 After People Kept Stealing Them

Are you happy now?? by  KORIN MILLER JAN 29, 2020 Despite their genius nature, sporks aren’t something you regularly see on tables. So, it’s only natural that people get really, really excited when they happen to spot one in the wild. Apparently, some people visiting  Disneyland  have been so pumped about spotting the super special sporks at the Docking Bay 7 restaurant in  Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge  that they’ve kinda-sorta-totally stolen them. Disneyland caught wind of this after people posted on social media about their loot, and, after a few months, they decided to actually put them up for sale, per  CNN . If you happen to visit the Docking Bay 7 restaurant, you’ll have the option of purchasing your own spork (with a  Galaxy's Edge -themed travel bag!) for $10.99—it’s right on the  menu . At nearly $11, the spork is nearly double the cost of the next-most expensive menu item (Rising Moon Overnight Oats made with yogurt, oats, fruit, and “popping pear

Polish Pickle Perfection Recipe

Pickles have been around for more than 4000 years with mentions of them in the Tigris Valley in 2030 BC. Julius Caesar fed his troops  pickles believing they gave them more stamina and strength. Cleopatra believed in them for her famed beauty. Shakespeare may have been the first to use the word “pickle” as a noun or a metaphor. Read here from NY food museum organisation’s website for more history Makes about 16 half pickles 2 3/4 pounds/1.25kg small pickling pickles (about 8)* 2 cloves crushed garlic 1 cup/250ml white vinegar 5 cups/1.25liters water 1/4 cup/59ml coarse sea salt handful fresh dill or 3 tablespoons/45ml dried dill weed Cut the top tips off of the pickles (you can cut them in half or quarters if you want). Place them snuggly into a 6 cup/1.4 liter sterilised jar (we used a cleaned commercial pickle jar). You can buy 1 pint/500ml jars--you’ll need 2-3. Add vinegar, water and sea salt to a sauce pan. Bring to a boil and