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JC’s Croissants Recipe

Croissants to me are the most decadent of morning pastries.  In my mind I drift back to walking in the 5th arrondisiment on the rue Mouffetard and discovering L'essentiel Mouffetard and their most delectable croissants au beurre (butter croissants).  This recipe is a reworked version of Julia Childs and others I have worked with over the years.   Croissants are a labor of love. I've listed a recipe for 24—do yourself a favour, take half and freeze it for a later date. Makes about 12- make the full recipe and freeze the second half 1 ounce/3 tablespoons/30g SAF brand instant yeast (I prefer fresh yeast) 1/2 cup/125ml warm water 17.6 ounces/4 cups/500g all purpose flour  ( I prefer a mixture of 1 part unbleached AP to 2 parts unbleached Pastry flour for a less glutenous dough) 2-4 tablespoons neutral flavoured oil (optional) 1.3 ounces/3 tablespoons/36g granulated sugar, divided 2 teaspoons/10ml salt 1 cup/250ml milk for the butter 2 sticks/277g uns

Bouillabaisse Recipe

...if you do not happen to live on the Mediterranean, you cannot obtain the particular rockfish, gurnards, mullets, weavers, sea eels, wrasses, and breams which they [French experts] consider absolutely essential. But you can make an extremely good fish soup even if you have only frozen fish and canned clam juice to work with because the other essential flavoring of tomatoes, onions or leeks, garlic, herbs, and olive oil are always available." --Julia Child Yes, I know this is December. I know it is holiday season filled with traditions. There is a wonderful celebration, it is Bouillabaisse Day on 14 December.  It is with a tip of my hat that I present my version of this most terrific “French Fisherman’s Stew”. Bouillabaisse is a fish stew that originated in Marseilles, France around 600 B.C.. Yes, B.C.  Marseilles was a Greek colony at this time and being such as known as "kakavia." Bouillabaisse also appears in Roman mythology as a soup that Venus feeds to Vulcan

Babas with Cognac Recipe

Using Julia Child's recipe from The French Chef in muffin tins and look how cute they are, like little children all dressed up and ready to little bebe baba! We followed Julia's recipe exactly except for the fact that we cognac instead of rum.  Recipe From: The French Chef by Julia Child Ingredient (dough) 11/2 cups/187g all purpose flour measured by the scoop and scrape method 1 tablespoon/15ml sugar 1/8 teaspoon/.5ml salt 2 1/4 teaspoons/11ml yeast 3 tablespoons/15ml water lukewarm 2 large eggs 1/4 cup butter/57.4g (half a stick) melted and cooled to tepid Directions (dough)  Mix the yeast, sugar, and water, stir and dissolve. Let it “prove or proof” for 4-5 minutes Place the rest of dry ingredients in the mixer, make a well and add the yeast mixture in the center. With the dough hook on your mixer set to # 2 start to mix, adding the eggs and butter as you do. It will be sticky but after 1 minute - if it doesn't start to form a sloppy