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Vegan Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar Recipe

Ingredients: Shortcake 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted and slightly cooled, plus more for the pan ½ cup almond milk ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar ¾ cup gluten-free all-purpose flour ¼ cup granulated sugar ½ teaspoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon baking soda ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract Strawberry-Chia Jam 2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon chia seeds Cashew Whipped Cream 1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 4 hours and drained ¼ cup granulated sugar ¼ teaspoon sea salt ½ cup coconut oil, melted Assembly ½ cup almond milk 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup Pinch of sea salt 1 cup cashew whipped cream Chopped fresh strawberries Directions: 1.  Make the shortcake:  Preheat the oven to 325°F. Lightly grease 4 cups of a muffin pan with coconut oil or cooking spray. 2. In a small bowl, combine the almond milk and apple cider vinegar and set aside for a few minutes. 3. In a large bowl, add the flour, sugar, baking powder and baki

“Magic” Peppers Salad with Pine Nuts and Capers

Magic Peppers 2 pounds bell peppers Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Salad About ½ small loaf crusty bread (such as sourdough), cut into ¾-inch cubes Extra virgin olive oil Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 to 2 cups/150-300g diced magic peppers 1 cup/150g halved cherry tomatoes 6 ounces/170g fresh mozzarella, diced (about 1 cup) 1 tablespoon/15mls capers ¼ cup/30g pine nuts, toasted Roughly chopped basil or cilantro (or any fresh herb you have on hand) 1 tablespoon/15mls vinegar (such as white balsamic, balsamic or red wine) Directions: Make the magic peppers:  Preheat the oven to 450F/230C/ Gas 8 Cut each pepper in half through the core, and remove the seeds and stems. Cut each half into three or four pieces, then place the strips in a large bowl; season with salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle with the olive oil and toss to coat.   Arrange the peppers slices, cut side up, on a baking sheet. Roast until the peppers are tender

Ideas To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

  Lowering blood pressure with natural means... Some ideas to help lower blood pressure naturally. 1- Following the DASH diet. This diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), designed to combat hypertension, is rich in fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products, and low in fat, red meat, sweets and sugary drinks. Following this plan can reduce systolic 8-14 points. In fact, according to some research, this approach could be as effective (or even more) than drugs for hypertension. 2- Slimming. It may be hard, but it's what works best. Stress is estimated that a person could fall from 5 to 20 points per 10kg to lose weight. 3- Limit sodium intake to 2,400 mg Total daily to lower blood 2-8 points. 4- Exercising for 30 minutes 5-7 days a week to reduce stress points 4-9. 5- Limit alcohol to 2 drinks per day for men and 1 glass for women to reduce stress points 2-4. 6- Sleep well at night. Not getting enough sleep can contribute to hypertension. 7- Reduce stress. Stress c

Mediterranean Pita Pizza

  We came across a favorite easy light lunch or late breakfast... We've completed  these at demos to much success also. Let me know what YOU think. Need a quick and easy breakfast, light lunch or snack? Here's a good one. Mediterranean Pita Pizza and a Ric-Tomato Pizza. Light, delightful, and good for you. Simple... Warm your flatbread or pita, place sauteed spinach (use fresh spinach with a touch of fresh grated nutmeg), a fried egg and topped a slice of fresh tomato and ricotta or feta cheese. Be sure and eat with your fingers for optimum fun and flavor. personal chefs and event catering Miami + Miami Beach + Fort Lauderdale + Palm Beach | 954-367-YADA (9232)

Mediterranean Roast Fish with Tomatoes and Potatoes Recipe

  This is a quick and simple one pot meal. Many Mediterranean dishes are straight forward with a few ingredients and NOTHING to hide behind. I picked up this little recipe whilst working with a friend in Cannes. We not only used it cooking in villas, but taught it to our students as well. Use any firm white fish. Serves 4 1 pound/450g Sea Bass or other firm fleshed white fish, seasoned with salt and pepper 1 tablespoon/15ml olive oil, plus extra for drizzling 4 medium potatoes, sliced 1/4 inch/6.35mm thick unpeeled 1 small yellow onion, or 2 shallots, diced 1 clove of garlic minced 6 Roma/Plum tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced Small handful of kalamata or nicoise olives (pits in) 2-3 branches of fresh time Juice of half a lemon 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper Preheat oven to 375F/190/Gas5 In a large heavy bottom casserole or fry pan over medium heat add olive oil,. Layer the potatoes, onions, and garlic in the pan. Cover and cook for 5 minutes. Add 3/4 of the toma